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Hello and welcome! I’m Meniyka, a life coach and artist based out of San Diego, CA. I specialize in holistic healing, deliberate manifesting and creative channeling. My coaching sessions are on-on-one breakthrough experiences- I  offer sessions in person or remotely over the phone or video.

Everything including ourselves is energy.  As human beings we are blessed with the ability to mould energy (All That Is) with our thoughts, beliefs and focus. We literally have the ability to write, direct and act in the story that is our lives.

Here on this site, you can find heaps of tips on meditation, wellness and holistic practices through my Vibrational Sciences Blog.  Along with this, I share an array of my personal creative works ranging from poetry to piano jazz to paintings.

Want to create more of something in your life? Get started with my opening Youtube video below from my new channel: Deliberate Manifesting.

To schedule a deliberate manifesting and wellness coaching session with me, please don't hesitate to reach out or book directly here

Empowering fellow human BE-ings is my greatest passion.   It would be my honor and joy to connect with you!

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Dive into the first of my powerful Deliberate Manifesting Videos. This is my gift to you and gives you a taste of what we will be diving into together.


~Taylor S., Massage Therapist / Oracle Tarot Card Reader, San Diego CA

There was a point in my life where I felt extremely hopeless, unmotivated, and was being so hard on myself. I just didn’t know where to turn. That’s when the angels blessed me with the opportunity of a lifetime, meeting Meniyka Kiravell. Let me start by saying wow, this goddess truly is pure magic and definitely knows what she is talking about . Before I met and worked with Meniyka I was using and abusing substances. But Meniyka saw the potential in me and reached out to teach me the power of guided manifestation. I was familiar with manifestation beforehand but her different explaining methods/processes of healing, her patients, and how comfortable she makes you feel is what really got through to me. After just the first session I felt an instant shift in my consciousness and felt like a whole new person.

Even after all the sessions Meniyka still checks in with just to see how I am doing, checks on my well being, and just to simply say hello. She is by far the most genuine, kind, and most patient person I’ve ever met.

I highly recommend booking a session with Meniyka as she forever changed my life and now I have a lifelong friend /mentor.

Suri K., Reiki & Bowen Practitioner, Michigan

"Meniyka has helped me over come severe pain and depression. She has acquired various skills and knowledge in various modalities to heal the body, mind and spirit. She has imbibed the knowledge, the affirmations & afformations  herself and is a powerful  manifestor . It is this ability of hers that made my stuck emotions disappear using emotion code and other modalities. Finally I am free of pain and other ailments knowing that stress and emotional issues are the root cause of 90% of modern day diseases. Thank you Meniyka for being persistent and never giving up on me.  Have a conversation with her and change your life for ever."


San Diego, CA



“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau


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