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A Heart Centered Healer Specializing in Deliberate Manifesting, Mindset and Profound Transformation.

I help moms and dads, teens and adolescents, students to CEO's... folks from all walks of life who all have one thing in common. A deep desire for more... more understanding, more peace, more energy, vitality, clarity, confidence. At some point in life we all want to breakthrough and up-level to a new level of being. I specialize in facilitating these breakthroughs. 

What I really love to do is go deep with you via the path of least resistance. This means we work with the process that resonates with you, there are after all many routes to a destination. I love helping you get in touch with your innate guidance, intuition and healing powers in the most effective and enjoyable way! Because we are specifically laying down new programming while shifting and releasing the old which no longer serves us,  feelings and states from frustration and overwhelm to disconnection and depression will naturally fall away. 


The outcome is wonderful: memories, ideas and habitual thought patterns of pain and discomfort turn to sources of wisdom. When repetitive self defeating thoughts, feelings and beliefs are over written, transformed or understood from a different perspective, life begins to become that much easier! Then the joy, wonder, epiphanies and synchronicities become your new normal.

After working together, expect an improvement in every aspect of your life. When we clean up our energy, the change is reflected back to us via improved relationships, better timing, enhanced abilities, prosperity, vitality, feelings of well-being, confidence and more. 



“Working with Meniyka has made everyday challenges that were triggers for negative emotions easy to deal with or not have to deal with at all anymore. It seems as if I never even had anything trigger me in the first place. I have struggled with losing my father for 7 years now. I refused to get through the anger stage and move on to acceptance. It was difficult for me to tell by certain patterns I was creating with this dark/emotionless feeling towards what happened. Meniyka has led me to and amazing book. Our counseling sessions have led me to a better understanding about the power of manifestation, creating our own reality, and ultimately, my favorite one, being the best version of yourself  since you can be any version you want of yourself. Be the best one.

The emotional code she performed on me was the perfect way to release these trapped emotions about my past and what happened with my father. This allows me to move forward in every way I thought I was not able to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Meniyka and I love continuing using these strategies. Truly Life changing!”

~Alexis M, Stylist, San Diego, CA


Before scheduling, I offer a 10 minute complimentary consultation by phone. I can be reached by text or phone at 858.652.0799. After our consultation, we schedule your life changing session in person or over video. You have the option of having your sessions recorded whether over Zoom or in person. To reserve your session date, I request a small deposit that goes towards your session balance. I accept multiple forms of payment: through this website, square, Venmo or Zelle. 


Our first session will consist of identifying your intentions, goals and blocks followed by covering the most effective approaches for you to begin re-patterning your thinking and perspectives. We will look at your foundational beliefs thoroughly.  You will receive clarity, healing and guidance no matter which session you choose. Following each session, I send you a written summary of the session along with the recommended suggestions that came up in the session.

Ultimately our goal is to enable you to get into flow with what it is you want so that it begins unfolding in a natural and effortless way.


It is your birth-right to be happy, at ease, empowered, and inspired!




What we do in our sessions is help you step into a state of ease and possibility, then probability and finally into a state of confidence with the changes you are intending.  Many of these deep transformations will take place at levels below the conscious mind such as at the cellular level within your body.  On the conscious level, a lifestyle integrating the clarity and guidance received in session along with keeping a positive mental diet are key to long lasting change.


There are many routes to a destination. Begin with the one that resonates and calls out to you. One of the paramount principals in Deliberate Manifesting is to take the path of highest excitement and least resistance by following your feelings! What sounds like the most interesting and fun experience for you? Each offering is incredibly profound and transformative. 



Thank you, I will be in touch soon.

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