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Imagine if in 6 weeks you could have a new lease on life? I have purposely designed this program to bring you maximum benefit with clinically proven methods and approaches allowing you to level up in a whole new way.  Expect to experience vast improvement in your mind set, energy and mental, emotional and physical health. Relationships improve, your sense of well being will be enhanced. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.


Beginning with your first week, you will learn about your energetic and emotional system as well as how they influence your physicality, life and world. We will begin the process of clearing and detoxing your systems as well as calming your nervous system. 

Each week we will dive into science and theory on how you "work" from a holistic perspective. We will use a variety of approaches to expand your consciousness, boost your natural energy and provide relief to ailments, as well as clarity and solutions to call in what you want more of in your life. 


In this program you will experience an array of powerful techniques and modalities that will serve as a massive springboard to level up. These processes are absolutely amazing to experience in and of themselves.  Here is a brief overview. If for some reason you are not able to participate in any of these sessions for health reasons for example, there will be an equally awesome alternative provided. 

  • Online Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session

  • An Akashic Record Reading

  • Conscious Breathing & Yogic Breathwork

  • Energy Clearing & Repattering

  • Trauma Release

  • Inner Child Work & Soul Retreival

  • NeuroSomatic Meditation and more!

I am a holistic health practitioner by trade therefore we will be approaching your transformation from all angles. From the physiological to the mental, emotional and energetic. In fact there is no separation as it is all energy. But as we are energetic beings having a seemingly "physical" experience, we will be looking at everything from nutrition to movement, breath to energy to mindset and beyond. 

There will be some movies and books that are suggested to accompany you as we move through the program that will support you in your transformation. And while you will get a ton out of this program even if you were to simply show up every week, in order to maximize the benefits, incorporate what you can at your own pace at home. 

We will meet twice a week one-on-one for a 90 minute deep dive and practicum.  We will schedule sessions once your participation is confirmed with a small deposit that goes towards your program balance. The sessions and practices are held over Zoom and recorded for your convenience. There are a couple resources to be purchased in advance which will be used during the course of the program (approximately $20 or less). 

This program is jam packed, truly a pleasure and has incredible value that will not only change you and your life, it will be of service to you for the rest of your days and likely help and inspire your loved ones who witness your profound transformation. 


Before scheduling, I offer a complimentary consultation by phone. I can be reached by text or phone at 858.652.0799. After our consultation, we schedule your life changing sessions in person or over video. To reserve your spot, I request a non refundable deposit of $250 that goes towards the program balance. I accept multiple forms of payment: through this website, square, Venmo or Zelle.  

After making your deposit and booking your first week's sessions, I will send you your zoom link as well as a list of a couple items to have ready on hand for our sessions. 

The program price is $1500 if paid in weekly installments of $250.

(Deposit $250 in advance and 5 subsequent weekly payments beginning at the start of Week 1)

The program price is discounted to $1250 when you pay your balance in full.

(Deposit $250 in advance and 1 payment of $1000 beginning at the start of Week 1)



“Working with Meniyka has made everyday challenges that were triggers for negative emotions easy to deal with or not have to deal with at all anymore. It seems as if I never even had anything trigger me in the first place. I have struggled with losing my father for 7 years now. I refused to get through the anger stage and move on to acceptance. It was difficult for me to tell by certain patterns I was creating with this dark/emotionless feeling towards what happened. Our counseling sessions have led me to a better understanding about the power of manifestation, creating our own reality, and ultimately, my favorite one, being the best version of yourself  since you can be any version you want of yourself. Be the best one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Meniyka and I love continuing using these strategies. Truly Life changing!”

~Alexis M, Stylist, San Diego, CA



Thank you, I will be in touch soon.

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