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About QHHT


One of the world's most profound modalities, QHHT gave me the clarity and healing around a lifelong issue that had mystified me since I was a child. Since then I have devoured the works of founder, author and researcher Dolores Cannon, eventually becoming a practitioner of QHHT myself. My goal is to share the gifts and amazing results of this life changing modality with you and other's seeking profound insight and healing that has eluded you until now.

Are you seeking answers to questions that are highly personalized? Seeking healing at the root cause? Tired of superficial solutions and quick fixes that only serve as a temporary bandaid to the real problem? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then QHHT is for you. 


How QHHT works

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique takes you into a deep brain wave state known as theta. You pass through the theta state naturally every time you enter into sleep and wake up. Most hypnosis therapies take you into the alpha state which is akin to a lighter state of concentration or a flow state. For example when you are working on a project, watching TV, or driving... these are alpha states you naturally flow in and out of. We are in a multitude of 'states' throughout our day, but the theta state is special, because in this state you have access to other less consciously visible aspects of yourself and your consciousness. The theta state is also the state from which you dream. It is a subconscious state for most unless you are a practiced meditator for example.  

We have access to your superconscious and your subconscious while in the deep state of relaxation that is theta. Your inner guidance is readily accessible and healing takes place so that instantaneous relief, clarity and miraculous results are normal and natural. When we understand and learn from why something such as pain, illness or misfortune has manifested in our life, then there is no longer the need for the messaging. The purpose has been served and once you have understood and learned from the true message intended, relief and balance ensues, allowing true healing to take place with an alleviation of symptoms whether they be emotional, mental, and/or physical.





I was suffering from general anxiety, panic attacks out of no where with no explanation as to why and overall a lot of confusion about life and my purpose and some decisions I need to make. Meniyka offered a safe and comfortable space to explore these things. Meniyka explained in detail the different techniques we would use to address my issues in making me feel very comfortable with our exploration session. She was almost certain that shortly thereafter, the panic attacks would likely cease. She was right, and I wasn’t surprised!

After thoroughly going through my life history, I melted into complete relaxation listening to Meniyka’s voice carry me away into a state of subconsciousness. You know that point right before you fall asleep but are still awake? Yes, that was it. I was completely in tune with my higher self and asked the important questions to gain clarity in my situation, which I received with love. Trust yourself, you have the answers deep inside. All you have to do is reach for them. This is what Meniyka was able to guid me to in our session. I have not had a panic attack since our session and I listen to the recording often to remind me of the answers I received from my higher self. Meniyka is a conscious listener and a thoughtful communicator. Her toolbox is full of healing modalities that you would be lucky to benefit from. And most importantly, she has come from the same place we have, needing healing and has used the tools she practices with on herself.  ~Amy R., New York

What To Expect 

We start your QHHT session with a one-on-one where I get to know you. Once you feel comfortable and ready, I will guide you into a relaxing, trance like state. From there, I will ask the questions you are seeking answers to. The beauty of QHHT is that the answers and revelations come from within you! What was below the surface is unveiled, revealing clarity and in turn healing. After the session is complete, you will be gently brought back to waking consciousness and be fully aware. Expect a positive shift in your energy, outlook and life with new empowering perspectives on the areas you intended to address. You will leave the session understanding and knowing yourself on a deeper level than ever before. 

Your QHHT session is strictly confidential and done in person only in a one-on-one format.  You will be given a recording of your session which will be useful for listening to again, reinforcing the positive new perspectives you have gained.