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Manifesting Coach

Wouldn’t it be lovely to start flowing through life from the state of possibility in a natural way that doesn’t feel like you are struggling, forcing, or lying to yourself?  I’m a certified EFT (emotional freedom technique), Neuro-linguistic, and meditation practitioner.  I use an array of customized techniques to deliberately manifest the life of my dreams for myself and others. The methods I use are specifically used to reprogram the subconscious mind, lay down empowering foundational beliefs, circumventing the often doubting, defeated, and cynical conscious mind so that new habits, positive ways of thinking and clear intuition feel and become natural. We also uproot and release any traumas or negative programming that you’ve picked up along your life journey whether it be from childhood or from societal and cultural bias.


  • Learn meditation and experience the radiating peace of true inner silence

  • A more peaceful mind so you can perceive your thoughts and what you are vibing more clearly

  • Natural enthusiasm and inspiration instead of ‘efforting’

  • Getting to know yourself better than ever

  • Mastery of your own emotions and mind

  • Feeling self-empowered

  • Increasing your ability to positively influence your relationships and environment

  • Becoming a natural at being a solution finder

  • Removing and eliminating limiting beliefs and emotions

  • Remove negative trauma and associated stories transforming pain into wisdom

After working together, expect an improvement in every aspect of your life. When we clean up our energy, the change is reflected back to us via improved relationships, better timing, enhanced abilities, prosperity, vitality, feelings of well-being, confidence and more. 


“Working with Meniyka has made everyday challenges that were triggers for negative emotions easy to deal with or not have to deal with at all anymore. It seems as if I never even had anything trigger me in the first place. I have struggled with losing my father for 7 years now. I refused to get through the anger stage and move on to acceptance. It was difficult for me to tell by certain patterns I was creating with this dark/emotionless feeling towards what happened. Meniyka has led me to and amazing book. Our counseling sessions have led me to a better understanding about the power of manifestation, creating our own reality, and ultimately, my favorite one, being the best version of yourself  since you can be any version you want of yourself. Be the best one.

The emotional code she performed on me was the perfect way to release these trapped emotions about my past and what happened with my father. This allows me to move forward in every way I thought I was not able to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Meniyka and I love continuing using these strategies. Truly Life changing!”

Alexis M, Hair Stylist, San Diego, CA


Before scheduling, I offer a 10 minute complimentary consultation. After our consultation, please book here. I accept multiple forms of payment including Venmo, Paypal, Credit Card and Bitcoin. 


The first official session will consist of identifying your goals and blocks (conflicting thoughts to allowing what you want), starting with the most effective technique(s) for reprogramming your pattern of thinking and telling a new story. We will look at your foundational beliefs thoroughly. Once we get the ball rolling, the subsequent sessions include step by step guidance reviewing and fine-tuning your action steps. Following each session, I send you a written summary of the session along with the recommended suggestions.

Ultimately our goal is to enable you to get into flow with what it is you want so that it begins unfolding in a natural and effortless way. Life is supposed to be fun and easy. If this hasn’t been your experience, get in touch with me because thousands of people like myself do have this experience on a daily basis.

It is your birth-right to be happy, at ease, empowered, and inspired!



These techniques have been tried and tested by myself and many others before me with great success. What we do in our sessions is help you step into a state of ease and possibility, then probability and finally into the state of certainty with whatever changes you are aiming to bring around.

A state of knowing is so much more rewarding and comforting than a state of doubting or even hoping. From this point onwards, your physical world will already have begun morphing to match your new vibe and state of mind.

A new lifestyle with a positive mental diet - this is the nuts and bolts of my personal practice in addition to meditation. I recommend some combination of this to everyone and get astounding results every time.

MEDITATION TECHNIQUES AND PRACTICES: Depending on what resonates with you. Different types are effective for attaining different states of consciousness. Visualization, breathing, brain entrainment and using affirmations are the most common forms I work with.

EMOTION CODE for releasing trapped emotions that no longer serve us. Check out my blog and podcast on EC for more.

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE is an acupressure technique especially helpful for phobias, fears, anxiety, traumas, anger, depression, guilt, low self-esteem, and many other uncomfortable emotions.

NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING exposes how we think, feel, and examines the inner language we use to represent our experiences.  It will give you the tools you want and need to be in control of your emotional state.

CUSTOMIZED TECHNIQUES that work best with your way of thinking, your schedule, and lifestyle. I have found that different techniques work better depending on the situation and person.

Some of these include an entirely new way of looking at things, meditation, sound healing, affirmations, imaginal work, scripting, Ho’opono’pono, and more. Each and every one has a suitable purpose depending on where you are at and what resonates with you.  If you have time to spare, I will recommend some resources including books and videos that will support you in our work together.


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