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How Chanting Meditations Raise Our Frequency & Provide The Benefits Of Sound Healing

I spent the bulk of August 2016 in Mount Shasta, California, camping, meditating and communing with nature. One of the highlights of my trip was attending the Rahma retreat, headed by hypnotherapist Enrique Villanueva. There I learned some awesome energy healing techniques and engaged in powerful group chanting meditations.

For my last night in Shasta, a group of us came together to chant HU under the stars. Pronounced like the word ‘hue,’ HU is known to attune meditators to a very high and divine frequency. In Sanskrit, HU is also said to be a name for the Divine.

Chanting Meditations

From my perspective, part of the power behind chanting meditations stems from the healing sound vibrations that reverberate through our body. Another perhaps more subtle effect, yet equally profound is how the mind slows down when gently focusing on a chant or mantra. In Transcendental Meditation (TM), the chant is the doorway to the "boundless awareness."

When I chanted HU with the group, I experienced a profound boost in my frequency in the form of feeling light, receptive, peaceful yet powerful.

Before I had the opportunity to chant HU in a group setting, my camping buddy Dave had been chanting HU throughout the week to treat his intermittent headaches. He had casually mentioned earlier on in the week that by chanting HU for several minutes his headaches would go away. Because of my lack of experience in chanting meditations at the time, I didn’t give his headache solution the attention it deserved… but I would find out soon enough. My hope is that you too will take some time out to experiment with the HU chant and see how it can help you.

After my profound experience chanting HU, I contemplated the difference between chanting meditations and proactive visualization or ‘thinking’ meditations. Both have their benefits and are powerful methods for raising your frequency and improving your state of mind. In order to illustrate how each approach works, let’s take the example of white water rafting. With pro-active thinking meditations we are actively paddling and directing our raft downstream. With chanting meditations, we set the oars aside and allow the current to take us as it will.

If you follow Abraham Hicks or read my post on focusing and allowing, you likely already know where I’m going with this. With active meditations we guide our thoughts on purpose and use our focus to manifest and create a state of mind. Chanting meditations on the other hand allow us to flow with the current and rise with the tide so to speak. Both methods are incredibly powerful in my experience and it’s always nice to have options whenever or wherever you journey upwards.

When you begin chanting, focus on breathing deeply into your belly. Focus on finding a tone anywhere along the musical scale that resonates with you. For me, I can tell when I’ve hit the sweet spot when I begin to feel the vibrations of the tone reverberating through my system. Combining the sound healing aspects of chanting with an allowing, surrendered state puts me in a deep state of relaxation.

During Coaching Sessions, I always recommend incorporating some type of meditation practice into your day if even for 5 minutes. I teach a variety since different strokes work for different folks! Learn more about my Coaching Services.

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