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Cosmic Poetry to Tickle your Third Eye

One of my greatest inspirations in the world of poetry is the late medium and writer Jane Roberts. She had a knack for phrasing perceptions, concepts and ponderings in such a way, that upon reading her material my perspective shifts and my mind bends.

Mercaba Origami was inspired after reading Nature of the Psyche and The Unknown Reality. Both are Seth Books transmitted by Jane with her mind bending cosmic poetry sprinkled throughout. If you dig this, I have more personal poetry in the poetry section of my Gallery Following Mercaba Origami are a sampling of selections from Jane that tickle me to no end.

Mercaba Origami : a Poem by Meniyka Kiravell

Mercaba Origami

by Meniyka Kiravell

Portal Hopping

Dimensional shifting

Space time Traveling

Psychological origami

A final fold completes the swan

Flying inwards

Popping out

A mountain folds in on itself at my heels

It’s an Avalanche!

The swan is no more

Undone by my other self

From another station

Oh Psyche!

I felt alone before, disconnected

Now I feel one with the weave

A wonderful thread that tugs my own end

The whole of All That Is

Vibrates, Shimmers, Responds

Ripples on a pond


Two butterflies collide

A hummingbird flies off course

And so it goes

Probabilities spin

Outwards and inwards

Along eternal vectors

In directions beyond perception

Fractal Explosion

Above and Below

Surfing waves of Potential

Vast and infinite moment points

Crystallize before my eyes

And I drop in once more

Through a fold, now a door

Opening, Closing

Frequency shifting

Birthed creating

Death is graduating

Ever transitioning

Becoming, expanding.

I experience, I witness, I am.


Cosmic Poetry by Jane Roberts

My life is its own definition.

So is yours.

Let us leave the priests

to their hells and heavens,

and confine

the scientists

to their dying universe,

with its

accidentally created stars.

Let us each dare

to open our dream’s door,

and explore

the unofficial thresholds,

where we begin.



I was walking past the world

one day,

half deciding not to stay,

when I saw you standing there,

ten years ahead of me in time

but so close in space

that I reached out

and touched your arm.

— April 26, 1976


“I breathed in the public air and it became private.”


If toes had eyes,

then I could see

how my feet know where to go,

but toes are blind.

And how is it that my tongue

speaks words it cannot hear?

Because for all its eloquence,

the tongue itself is deaf,

and flaps in soundlessness.


If you enjoyed this, there's more to explore on my gallery page. If you are interested in tapping more of your own unique creative expression and potential, reach out to find out how a transformation coaching session can unleash your creativity and confidence!


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