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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique- The scoop on one of the world's most transformational modalities

Today I'm speaking with Andy Sway, a long time practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique developed by author and hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon. He's also an energy healer and he's joining us today from New York.


MK- Thanks so much for joining us today. So let's just dig in here. Tell us about hypnosis. How does it work? How does it work on your brain and how is this form of hypnosis that you practice different from ordinary hypnosis?

AS- Ok well one thing about hypnosis is that it's gotten over mystified over the years. One thing is because of stage hypnosis. For a lot of people, the only contact they've had with hypnosis is stage hypnosis which is very controlled. Basically the stage hypnotist is looking for people who are exceptionally easy to hypnotize and suggestible. So a lot of people get this idea that in hypnosis they're going to jump up and down on one foot and bark like a dog.

All hypnosis is: is going into a deeper brain wave state. Normal waking consciousness is beta- beta waves right? And then when you go a little deeper- weirdly named- you go deeper and it's alpha. So alpha is what you have if you're driving down the freeway and you are slightly zoning out. When you're watching TV you go into alpha within a minute of sitting down to watch TV.

MK- Really? Even when watching something really exciting like a thriller?

AS- Yeah. When we did the training with Dolores Cannon she said that there was some kind of test where they had people watching a TV and and they connected the meter to measure their brainwaves with the TV and said as long as you stay in full waking consciousness the TV will stay on. As soon as you go into alpha, the TV will turn off and not one person could keep that TV on for a minute- which explains the advertising rates. They have a hypnotized audience basically... very lightly hypnotized... but then you can go deeper and you know we've all known people whom you could walk in on and they're watching TV- you can call their name and even scream their name... and it takes a while before they kind of get startled and actually hear you.

MK- Right. They're totally absorbed...

AS- They are in a theta state or in the very deepest level of alpha maybe, but probably theta. Then below that you have delta, which is a deep sleep state where you don't remember anything. So it's just a way basically of taking people into alpha or theta if they go deeper... and accessing other parts of their being. And specifically in this method we're going into past lives and we're talking to the subconscious or higher self.

MK- Okay. We're going to talk about what differentiates the Dolores Cannon form or the Quantum Healing Technique as opposed to other forms of hypnosis. Before we get there, I just want to know- if you can clarify, how does hypnosis differ from meditation? How does it help to have a facilitator when in meditation you're going into similar states as well?

AS- For all of us who've meditated or tried to meditate...the thing is with meditation- when it's just you, there's always the conscious mind coming in. And you know just the way a mantra will work to facilitate meditation or music in the background? Well a hypnotist kind of works in a similar way where you can focus on the voice of the hypnotist and by doing that you kind of let go of some of your own mental chatter.

I always tell my clients: your higher self is directing the session. For example, your higher self is choosing which passed life to see and where to pop into that past life. But I'm in charge of guiding through that. And so when you're in charge of meditating for example, you could just sit there thinking about anything. But when somebody else is guiding you and you don't know what's coming next, you don't know what the next question will be or the next suggestion... then it just leaves you a little bit more open and receptive.

MK- Gotcha. So that brings me back to that question that I think most people are going to wonder... What differentiates the kind of hypnosis that you practice as opposed to the stage magician type or just even other therapists and healers?

AS- Well you know I haven't studied all these other techniques for one thing, but well if you start with the stage thing... you know that's to entertain people and it doesn't really serve a great purpose beyond that in my opinion, from what I've seen. But what Dolores Cannon always said was that she goes where other people are afraid to go. So one thing is that even though the majority of people in the current spiritual acceleration that we're in, more and more people actually remember their session or remember most of their session. But the technique aims to take them to the deepest possible state. And there are other techniques that are a little bit afraid of what happens in that state. Because things get pretty pretty interesting, pretty multi-dimensional.

MK- They sure do, I did one and I was pretty surprised in the direction it went.

I also want to just clarify here for people who are not familiar with Dolores Cannon. She was an exceptional author and she performed tens of thousands of regressions on people. And in the course of her research she started to discover that when many people went into past life regressions or when they were interpreting this energy from this space from their subconscious- there would be story lines revolving around extra-terrestrials, a lot of universal kind of concepts- galactic concepts. People were on other planets for instance. All sorts of funky stuff. And so that's kind of where her research started going as far as I know. I've just finished reading a couple of her books and they're absolutely mind blowing and fantastic.

AS- Yeah they're amazing. And once I read the first book that I read Convoluted Universe Vol. 1... as soon as I started reading that I knew I had to learn this method because in my normal practice I'm talking to aliens! I'm talking to non-physical beings of various kinds.

One of the things that people who doubt reincarnation say is...well they point to the huge population growth on earth and they say 'Well, where do all these souls come from?' Because they're locked in this idea that all the souls have to just recycle from humans who died on earth. And I always say but there's a whole universe out there. I mean there's no end to how many souls there are. And people go into past lives as plants, as rocks, as animals...

MK- Right. And consciousness is constantly evolving as well. And I think the perspective that Dolores Cannon has as well, at least from what I've gleaned from her books, is very similar to ours. And that's that from the non-physical perspective- from our kind of higher self perspective, we choose to take a physical perspective for expansion and growth.

We're all very evolved in our non-physical states in this paradigm that I'm trying to explain a little more clearly, but it could be to your benefit- you could say "Oh! I'm going to choose a human being perspective, I may choose a female perspective. I'm going to choose the perspective of a plant or maybe something in outer space," that is beyond our kind of logical left brain understanding at this time. But it's all for expansion and growth. And consciousness can take so many different forms- it's just kind of like viewing life through a different lens. At least that's the way I currently see it.

AS- Dolores Cannon always say that being a human on earth is like a master class. That you have to be a master manifestor in order to do this because it's the hardest thing that you could do. Because there's such a huge degree of separation.

MK- We forget when we come...

AS- Right. And that's the thing. When I have clients going to animal, alien or all these other kinds of past lives- they're connected to "Oneness" in a way that we aren't.

I wrote an article on my web site where I said "there's no free will in the zone." So what I find from these other kinds of past lives is that these beings are constantly in the zone. They are excellent at what they do. They are very focused- they're on track. And the idea that they don't have free will- it's not that they don't have free will, but they wouldn't choose to do something that's not in the zone.

MK- Abraham Hicks talks about it and I love the way that they explain it and I share the same philosophy. That humans have a very specific focus, but we also have a lot of resistance. We have a lot of negative thinking, doubtful thinking... And I think what separates us from maybe the next level- and that's where I believe we're going- is where we have chosen the positive and the expansive oneness perspective over and over so many times throughout our life that it just becomes natural. And I think that's the ascension process. So like you said it's not that we wouldn't have free will in the future, it's just that we don't choose things that are not part of the broader perspective. We always make decisions that are for the benefit of all- that are win win situation for example.

AS- Right. Because as as you become more aligned... just think of all the things that you would never do. You'd never do it. Like you have the free will to cut off a piece of your body or to eat something completely disgusting or whatever. It's just like... well yeah you have the free will, but you wouldn't do it!

MK- And that's how I believe a lot of the more ascended beings are. And I believe the universe is so vast and I know Dolores Cannon feels the same way because I read the precursor to the Convoluted Universe. I can't remember the name of it right now.

AS- Well there are a lot of books- about 20.

MK- This one specifically focuses on UFO cases.

AS- There's one called The Custodians...

MK- That's the one I just read. Yeah, I totally agree with this philosophy that once you get to the point where it's just not natural to do any less then... that's where the veil thins so to speak. And we won't have to have a veil of forgetfulness then because it would just become natural or instinctual at that point.

AS- Exactly. Maybe it's easy to be an angel and to be completely aligned and everything, but to then go from being an angel to then incarnating as a human and having whatever kind of childhood that gets us out of alignment, then going through the traumas and being separated from our spirit and then finding our way back in the darkness...

MK- It makes us more robust.

Again this is kind of relating to my own personal experience. I felt that I came here to help the earth- I came to hold a frequency and you know these are kind of personal things that I feel... who can say whether it is true or not. But I also feel that I came to kind of test the integrity of what we call sanskaras in Hindi- which are the equivalent of impressions in the soul. But I've improved so much so I can see the benefit of coming into the human form.

If you are into self-transformation and practicing actively- things become so much easier and so much more natural. You know I'm so much more optimistic than I was when I was a child. But that being said, I'm also a lot more knowledgeable. So it's interesting because knowledge and self-transformation and progression I think are just entwined.

AS- Ideally. But there's a lot of knowledge out there that doesn't do anyone much good at all. There's a lot of mental noise and then there's truth.

MK- And that's the game- trying to ascertain what's the real deal.

AS- Right.

MK- For people who are interested in hypnosis...what can they gain from this? What kind of changes have you seen in people's lives? And what about the people who feel that they cannot be hypnotized- what would you say to them?

AS- Well first of all, I go back to that television analogy. Every body can be hypnotized. Not only can they be hypnotized, but they spend most of their life in mental brainwaves states that are hypnosis or deep sleep- with the beta level being awake consciousness and all the others being... let's just label them hypnosis. You spend more time in hypnosis than you do in actual conscious awareness. And your brain waves are fluctuating throughout the day. So it's not really a matter of whether somebody can't be hypnotized. What it really is- it's a matter of whether they're going to allow and trust what's coming through.

MK- I think people expect to lose their conscious mind... they think "I can't be hypnotized because I'm not supposed to remember anything." But as you touched on earlier and as Dolores Cannon has mentioned... as we're becoming more conscious... it's perfectly normal to be in a trance like state, but to be also in a conscious state. It's more of a whole brain activity, where you're conscious and you're in a deep state of awareness. That's what yogis do.

AS- Like I tell people- if you could meet your higher self or you could meet God would you rather be awake or asleep? Now if your higher self arranges it so that in hypnosis you go into the theta level and you don't remember anything... that's because that's what is best for you at that time. And that's perfect.

MK- That's what the recordings are for!

AS- Right. That's why we record the sessions. I had this guy the other day... he was under hypnosis for a little over two hours which is typical. And at the end of the session I said "How long does it feel like you were under?" And he said "About 15-20 minutes." And I said "Well you were actually under for two hours!" And he was just like "What?" So then he goes home and he listens to the recording. And he basically remembered everything that was on the recording. But he still felt like it was 15 or 20 minutes and he sent me an email asking.."How does this work? Because I remember everything and it's 2 hours long, but I still feel as if it were 15-20 minutes."

MK- That's interesting... that's like dreaming. So much happens in a few seconds, but we have the perception that so much more time passed. It's showing us how time is just the perceived space between events because what's happening in the dream feels so long. But in fact when they measure dreams it's a matter of seconds. It's really interesting. It's like a quick download, but it feels so long and expansive.

AS- I told him, you know my answer was: "Welcome to multi-dimensionality!" I mean this is what happens.

Another thing that will happen- is that people will come out and they'll say I remember everything. And then as the day goes on it fades just like a dream. And you might remember highlights or whatever, but it fades out like a dream. And then when you listen to the recording, it comes back and you remember it.

A lot of people just assume they're supposed to be zonked out, completely out, not remember anything, not have their conscious mind present during the session. Then they assume if that doesn't happen, then it's not hypnosis. But that's just a misunderstanding of what hypnosis is.


MK- Well that's why we're doing this because it's good to clarify. So going back to that question... what's the benefit of hypnosis?

AS- Well the benefit in general, when I put it all together, I would say you're tapping into more of what you really are. It's kind of like what's the benefit of seeing colors rather than being color blind. You know it's kind of nice to see color. One thing is there can be physical healing. Most people that come to me are coming more for a spiritual awakening and dealing with issues. But let me give you one example.

I had a woman who could not sleep more than two hours at a time for 20 years. She was lucky if she got a total of three hours of sleep per night. And she adapted herself to it. Most of the time she didn't sleep for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a stretch. She would get these jolts. She called it kundalini sickness. And she'd get these jolts in her body and it would just wake her up. So then she did one session, went home and slept 12 hours that night. And she sent me the most glowing e-mail the next day like "You are the wizard, you are the man, you are the healer."

Actually her higher self did the healing. With this method, I'm not doing healing. I do energy healing, that's the other part of my my job. But when I'm doing this method- what's fun is that I'm not doing the healing, it's the client doing the healing on themselves. It's their higher self doing it.

MK- Their higher self or subconscious...would you consider that one and the same?

AS- In Quantum Healing, Dolores started calling it the subconscious or SC. So to a wider audience I'll say higher self, but in Quantum Healing language we say subconscious. So yeah, the subconscious does all the healing. Like I had a guy recently, who just had all these issues on the right side of his body. All up and down the right side, no issues on the left side of his body. He also had an issue with embodying his masculine energy and you wouldn't know it from meeting the guy- he was a masculine enough guy you know, but he was holding back.

And so we tapped in and we found the cause. And I won't go into that.

But I just asked his subconscious or higher self to heal the right side of his body and to help him come into his masculine essence. He just called me the other day and he said "You know everything is fixed. It's all good now."

MK- It's so interesting to me that you can be meditating and ask yourself, since the body has infinite intelligence, "Can you please heal X-Y-Z." And instead of it just happening automatically, you might get an intuition to go to a certain acupuncturist or healer. For me, I'll go to the vortexes. When I have weird body stuff, I go to the vortexes. So how does that work?

AS- Right in what you're describing, what you have is your conscious mind asking for the healing and the subconscious/higher self is giving you the whisper of intuition. The difference with Quantum Healing is that the higher self or subconscious that is whispering to you in the meditation has now become the main player. We have to learn to surrender to our higher selves. We have to learn to control our thoughts to be more deliberate. And you know that can take a lot of work. But when the higher self comes in, it can just do it. And I don't know how. I mean it's amazing. I'm in awe.

Now the other thing... when you ask "What is the benefit of this?" To me if you have past lives and you don't know about it, then it's kind of like how can you really think you know who you are? When you experience one other past life and the first time I did it was maybe 15-20 years ago, what blew me away was having a past life where there was a personality that not only was different than my personality, it was almost opposite to my personality!

I'm the kind of person- well I've always had this thing of being irritated with people that didn't know what they wanted to do... they're just happy to take orders. And if I would say "If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?" And they respond, "I don't know." That would frustrate me.

Well, I go into this past life and I'm this guy that's just like "What next boss? What do you want me to do next.?" Like I had no will of my own. Okay that guy was completely opposite to me, but I could feel this commonality that it was me!

MK- Well that goes back to that example I gave: which is the higher self chooses different perspectives for expansion and growth. So I don't even necessarily buy into the karma thing. I think it's just that you re-emerge back in nonphysical after your life and you learn what you need to learn. If you didn't learn and let's say you perpetrated a bunch of negatively perceived actions... then you might say okay, maybe I'm going to take a completely different perspective so I can learn what it's like to be in a situation where I'm more of the victim, for example. I'll learn what that feels like so that I can grow and then the next time I take an incarnation, it'll be more natural for me to be compassionate and loving. So it make sense to me that it's very different. What's the point of doing the same thing over and over unless it's for service or something? i.e the Mozart's that reincarnate for instance.

AS- Well when you die, then you go to a place where you remember everything. You remember why you had the life and if you screwed up, you see how you screwed up and then you come up with a plan of what to do to fix it. And from that perspective... you know it's kind of like women who give birth multiple times. It seems to me like a very painful thing. I was there for two. I'm glad I didn't have to be the one doing it! But then they kind of forget and they're ready to have another baby. It's kind of like multiply that by a million with the past life thing. It's just kind of like you go into the game and then everything can be horrible or whatever, but the higher self isn't impacted by that.

One interesting thing is that usually we go through the death process in the past lives. So the person actually sees the death, sees themselves now out of the body looking down at the body and then what happens after that.


MK- I don't even think of it as death. It's funny how much my perspective has changed. Now when people say "He died," I'm thinking he actually just re-birthed, but re-birthed into a different energy... from the physical into the non-physical. So it's really beautiful. We are just constantly birthing. I would imagine even physical birthing is probably more painful than once you birth into the non-physical. I heard it's just glorious actually, because then you remember everything and come into this full circle awareness and experience.

AS- Well, you know it depends because there are some people that are very tied to the body.

MK- Oh sure, that's a good point.

AS- I had somebody the other day that went through a life, died and then would not leave that body.

MK- So they were a ghost, they were haunting a place...

AS- That's what'll happen yeah.

MK- There's a really great book by Teal Swan called Sculpture In The Sky and she talks about her perspective on that. How ghosts are often tulpas or thought forms of that personality.

AS- Well sometimes it's the thought form, sometimes it's just like a little loop. And it just goes around and around focused on one thing. But sometimes the whole incarnational personality energy stays in that and sometimes it's just one little fragment.

MK- Yeah I've heard that too. So that's a really fascinating conversation, but let's bring it back to hypnosis for a minute. When you are doing the past life regressions, would you say that it's something to take literally if someone sees a past life? Is it real or is it just the way they're interpreting that energy so they may understand what they need to learn or what they need to experience? Are they translating the story similar to the way we do dream interpretation? Do you think it's literal or do you think it's...?

AS- I think there's a range, because I've definitely had clients that went into states that were definitely not real past lives. For example, I had an artist who did multiple past life regressions with me and he got a lot of benefit. But to me his regressions were practically nonsensical. He would go into his childhood in this life... he would be riding bikes with his friends for example, and then he would just go riding into one of his paintings. And he would ride around and have all these adventures in his own paintings and then he'd ride back into the neighborhood and meet up with his friends and ride bikes with them some more. Things like that. Well riding through the painting is definitely not a past life. And he was getting benefits from this because there were certain themes that meant something to him.

When we went to the higher self i.e. the subconscious afterwards because in the process we generally go through two past lives and then I ask to speak to the subconscious. The first thing I generally ask the subconscious is why did you pick that life to show this person? And I ask that about both lives. And so when I asked this guy's subconscious, "What was that tree in the painting that he ate the weird fruit off of or climbed?" It (his subconscious) has a completely detailed response like "He knows he needs to get out in the world and enjoy things more and this gave him the energy of that." But he's an artist you know. And he's a very non-linear guy and so this was perfect.

When people asked Delores Cannon, "Are these real lives?" She said that in the beginning when she started doing this work she would meticulously go and research these lives, she would find death certificates and the graves of these people. And she proved to herself that this was real so many times that she just got to the point of not needing to do that anymore.

MK- So it's probably a mix.

AS- It is a mix. You can't really prove an alien life. I always tell people just consider it like dream interpretation. You don't have to believe it's a past life, you don't have to believe in reincarnation. I personally think reincarnation is more linear than what is real. For example if there is no time then there could be no reincarnation.

MK- It's all kind of like the Akashic Records. It's like the Library Of Everything That Is and it's all happening at the same time in a sense.

AS- Right. And I think we're probing the mystery and we're getting good work done but it's not like we're answering all the questions and getting to the final answer and we're done. This is an ongoing evolutionary process of awakening to this infinity that we are. And no matter what we're doing we're just getting little pieces of that infinity. You know it's like I said, if you only know this life that's like one dimension. But if you know one other life that kind of changes everything.

MK- Sure. I mean that's how I feel about it. I feel so blessed because I remember my dreams, I've had heaps of out of body experiences and I've actually been contemplating this lately because I live in California where it's gorgeous, but I've been traveling a lot and so in my in-between times I've just been in total hermit mode. And perhaps my left brain or conscious self is speaking up and reminding me to take advantage of the nature here by jumping in the ocean every day or I find myself telling myself I should be doing X Y Z. Then I wonder, "What does it really matter what I'm doing? It's about what I'm experiencing!" If I enjoy sitting in my room journaling or painting or whatever, what difference does it make if I'm running through the forest instead. It's what I feel like doing in the moment, so it's about the experience in the present.

So going back to the example of the artist that you did the session with... he's experiencing a vibration of the freedom of flying through his painting and creating this imaginary landscape. And just for kicks, let's say that he did something like that in real life. What difference does it make? The mind can't tell the difference! It's the experience and the journey. That's where the energy is, that's where everything shifts and I think that's how healing happens and that's what it's all about.

AS- It's all about just shifting the energy. And your higher self is a genius. One of the things that the conscious mind comes in and says is: "I feel like I made this all up." And I'll ask people, "Well did you come here intending to lie to me and to make things up and just tell me stories?" And they say "No!" And I say "Well did you have this story prepared?" And they say, "No." Really what it is: is your conscious mind is kind of dictatorial. It wants to be in control.

MK- And I think a lot of that societal conditioning, "This is what's real and this is what's not. If it's in your imagination, it's not real." Whereas the kind of stuff that we're talking about- is just as valid.

AS- Well you know that idea of "It's just your imagination." is such a toxic idea. Because I tell people: "Look around! Everything that you look at that's not just a part of nature or something, somebody imagined it."

MK- It's been imagineered.

AS- Right. And so to say "Just your imagination," is kind of ridiculous. But I think it comes from: every religion started from somebody having a mystical experience. And then as soon as they lock it down into the form of a religion then they kind of say you can't have your own mystical experience. You have to read the book of this other guy's mystical experience and follow these rules. And so imagination and all of this has been persecuted.

Somebody told me recently, and I don't know if it's true, that in Germany alone five million women were burned as witches, while they were in that phase. Just in Germany. Okay so how many of these were just people with intuition that were doing herbal healing thing or what. You know they were delving into these other realms.

I had one woman in a past life regression. She started getting burned at the stake and she opened her eyes and she sat up and she said "Oh that's ridiculous, that's so typical! Burned at the stake!" And I directed her to please close her eyes and lie down and I said "Look at what we're doing today. If we were doing this during the inquisition- the past life regression- we would be burned at the stake!"

So there's been this huge taboo. And when you get people that say "Oh there's no such thing as past lives, there's no such thing as aliens!" And they want to act like they're being scientific. It would be more accurate for them to say "I have not seen sufficient proof of this."

MK- I think when you touched on control, you were talking about the conscious mind, but I think we live in a very controlled world. And information that is disseminated is very controlled, it's all very tailored.

AS- But the controls are breaking down and this is one thing in this global ascension process... this ability to connect with the higher self, to connect with with our other aspects. And by the way we also go to future lives that happens too.

One thing Dolores always said is that there are certain things that our human mind will never grasp. We just don't have that capability with this brain to grasp all the mysteries of the universe.

MK- Or we can, we just don't even have the language! When you read a lot of these books, the ET's or interdimensional beings that are coming through become frustrated because they don't have the words with our language to express what they are trying to express. They're trying to pick out words from the English language and the closest they can find is frequency, vibration interdimensional. They're like "this doesn't really express what's really going on here," and I know because I'm proficient in a few different languages and you run into that with earthly languages too. Sometimes there's just not the equivalent word of what you are trying to express... it's pretty funny.

AS- Right. So you can imagine you know between different Earth languages how certain words are not translatable. Then you apply that to an alien culture that is a billion years ahead of us and there's no way. And then you then you apply it to non-physical beings that have no need for language. It's like we can't imagine what that even is!

When when we re-experience it in hypnosis we actually get to experience what it is for a moment and it changes us.

MK- Andy before we take leave can you share your contact information with listeners in case they want to get in touch with you.

AS- Sure my website is

My email is

MK- Thank you Andy! Thank you so much for joining me today because this has been an absolutely insightful and fascinating and super fun conversation. And we'll have to do a follow up sometime in the future.

AS- I would love to. Any time. Thank you.

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