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The Power Of Forgiveness & What My Late Father Taught Me From Beyond

I have always been drawn to holistic therapies and energy medicine, however, my interest remained relatively superficial until I experienced the power of forgiveness in a very unique and special meditation back in 2009.

I was living in Australia at the time and taking courses in therapeutic body treatments and practices including Bowen Therapy and iridology.  After returning home one night I sat down for my evening meditation  to have a heart to heart conversation with my guide/higher self. It was during this meditation that my late father appeared in my midst.


It truly was out of the ordinary and surprising because my father had been deceased for nearly a decade and I wasn’t in the habit of thinking of him or visualizing him.

When he appeared, I asked my guide why he was there and what he wanted. I was informed that he wanted permission to speak to me and more specifically, that he had come to ask for my forgiveness. Naturally, I consented and my father expressed his feelings with the following words:

“I’m so sorry for the way I treated you.  I would have done better if I could, but at the time I lacked the knowledge and power to do better.”

I looked back and forth between my guide and my father and then nodded my head. His genuine apology rang true to me and made perfect sense.  After all, when I have behaved poorly it is usually for the same reason- either I don’t know any better or I lack the power to do what I know is right.

Immediately after this, my guide gave me a giant pair of golden scissors and asked me to cut the chord between my father and myself.  (Side note here: in 2011 I received my NLP certification and learned about this technique of cutting chords in the energetic realm- but at the time of this meditation this was all new to me!)   I had never seen the cord of attachment connecting me and my father until that moment.  I casually took the scissors thinking it would be no problem to let my father go since I thought I had let him go so many years before.


To my amazement, I found myself hesitating. I couldn’t bring myself to cut this energetic cord. As I looked down at the hazy white cord, I saw in my minds eye flashes of the different relationships I had had with my father in our other lives together. We were best friends sometimes, brothers in others and parent and child in this one.  I saw how close we were and how much we shared. Mostly I could see just how magical and special a soul my father really was.

Impulsively, I cut the cord and my father smiled and faded away. My face was shiny and wet from the stream of tears running from my eyes.

Feeling rather stunned by the whole experience, I finished my meditation, said good night to my guide and went to bed.

When I awoke I experienced a searing pain in my spine. I had a hard time breathing. It felt like there was a knife jammed in my back.  I struggled to get up and get ready, and barely made it to my morning iridology class.

The benefit of working with healers is that you can share anything “woo-woo” with them and they will listen with open hearts and minds. I explained the pain I was experiencing and the strange meditation and vision I had the night before.

My teacher and colleagues explained that I had released some trapped emotions and my body was adjusting to the release of negative energy.  Specifically they told me the spot where I was experiencing the piercing pain was the location in the spinal column where bitterness resides. I was told I would feel better within 48 hours.

As promised, the pain and tension dissipated over the next two days and soon I was back in the swing of things. But odd occurrences began to take shape. Later that month, I went to a meditation retreat in India and my father’s sister who I hadn’t seen or heard from in years found me and exclaimed that she had been searching for me. She felt compelled to apologize for her behavior to me as a child and asked for my forgiveness. To say I was flabbergasted would be an understatement.

Shortly before my aunt found me, I was sitting for World Meditation Hour which is held on the 3rd Sunday evening of every month by Raja Yogi’s around the world. World meditation is at a specially allocated time for us to collectively send good wishes to the planet and all of humanity.

During this particular meditation, I had one of my most powerful meditation experiences ever. In my mind, my guide took me to the top of a mountain made of light and asked me to forgive the world and all of my brothers and sisters. He explained I needed their forgiveness and they needed mine.  In that moment, I understood how we all had hurt each other in so many ways because we either lacked the knowledge, power or both.   I looked out at the countless faces in a glowing sea of people made of light.

Within a few weeks, the odd occurrences had become frequent happenings. I started receiving letters from old friends and acquaintances apologizing for treating me poorly or having held secret feelings of dislike towards me. I was surprised, like most people I can tell when someone isn’t digging on me, but I genuinely had no idea that this was in the hearts and minds of those who were now writing me.


2009 was a turning point in my life for I had experienced time and time again the magnificent power of forgiveness. A life long heaviness had lifted from my heart and the lightness I felt in it’s place simply cannot be conveyed in words. 

I felt a new found optimism. I felt happier and more peaceful. I actively began exploring and pursuing the philosophies and implications of energy medicine and on a deeper level, I started to feel the power and vibrational impacts of our thoughts, emotions, and feelings on our minds, bodies, relationships and the world.

Emotions are subtle, yet their influence can be felt if we pay attention. We unintentionally carry negative emotions like a burden. And like all burdens, there is a weight to them. A weight that we often only recognize once we have let them go.

On a similar token, if others are  fighting us on the energetic level with their thoughts and feelings, it affects us. It weighs on us. Of course we can protect ourselves from other people’s negative juju, but even then it takes energy to maintain a powerful energetic shield of love and light 24/7.  I think the greatest gift we can give ourselves and each other is compassionate forgiveness.

+To learn how to release trapped emotions: Check out the Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson or the ancient art of Tapping also known as EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique).

Alternatively, consider a Coaching Session with me. I offer all of my clients both of the above techniques for clearing blockages and trapped energies, making space for forgiveness, compassion, relief and healing.

Thanks for reading!

Blessings, ~Meniyka


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