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Chakra Sound Healing and Solfeggio Frequencies

Previously, I shared some of the wonderful benefits we experience when we expose ourselves to specific frequencies such as the 7.83 Hz Schumann resonance with brain entrainment audio. Today I want to delve into several other healing frequencies that have recently rocked my world and taken my energy, health and happiness to another level all together!

Solfeggio Frequencies

Commonly referred to as Solfeggio tones, this particular set of frequencies resonate with the health of our energetic chakrik anatomy. In case you’re just jumping on the energetic anatomy bandwagon, chakras are spiraling energy centers that reside within our energy bodies. There are 7 principal chakras and each one resides over a principal gland in our physical bodies. Each chakra vibrates and spins accordingly depending on where it resides in our energy body. The lower chakras such as the root and sacral chakras spin and vibrate at a lower frequency than the upper chakras such as the crown or third eye chakras.

Some folks have the ability to see chakras. In fact chakra means “wheel” in Hindi. I don’t see energy the way I used to when I was a child, but I can feel it. The more in touch we become with our subtle body energy, the more we are able to see and experience beyond the physical senses with our mind’s eye.

When we are balanced and healthy in any particular area of our lives- this will be reflected in our energy bodies and chakras. For example someone who is a great communicator and feels they are able to express themselves with ease will have a balanced, healthy blue throat chakra. They will have healthy thyroid function and their vocal chords will be in great condition. On the other hand, if this same person were to have reproductive issues, painful menstruation, or sexual disfunction then these issues would also be reflected in their energetic anatomy, specifically in their sacral chakra.

When doing chakrik healing we can either work on healing the chakras directly through meditation and energy work or we can work outside in and focus on stimulating and balancing the chakras through our activities and physical actions. So for the person with reproductive issues, they could take herbs, do exercises and so on that will stimulate the balancing of the sacral chakra. Everything ultimately translates into vibration and energy in any case, but my point is- we can work inside out or outside in.

Solfeggio Frequencies

Solfeggio frequencies work directly on the chakras at the vibrational level. These special tones are measured with the standard Hertz measurement which measures sound as 1 vibrational cycle per second.

I read a wonderful analogy on tuning chakras a little while back and the author likened using sound frequencies to tune your chakras the way you would use a tuner to tune a musical instrument. When all of the chakras are in tune- there is harmony. Taking this analogy a step further, I am suggesting Solfeggio frequencies as the optimal tuning for our chakrik anatomy.

Solfeggio tones are not new by any means, although they have been rediscovered by the West in the last century. Making up the original music scale in Gregorian chanting and overlapping with the frequencies emitted by Tibetan singing bowls, Solfeggio tones grant listeners the powerful benefits of chakric healing through sound.

Below are the principal Solfeggio frequencies and a brief synopsis of the energies they can balance and stimulate within our energy fields thereby affecting our physical bodies. If you are struggling with a physical ailment in a particular region of the body- identify the principal chakra involved and listen to the associated Solfeggio frequency for relief and healing. Of course just as music is made with a combination of notes, our overall health is connected to all parts of our energy anatomy. So working on one chakra will influence the health of others as well.

Solfeggio frequencies and the associated chakra breakdown

  • 396 Hz works on the Root Chakra which is our chakra for grounding us to the physical plane. This frequency is associated with liberating negative energies including fear and guilt.

  • 417 Hz represents the optimal frequency for the Sacral Chakra also known as the “Hara” in Martial Arts. This chakra represents creativity, sexuality, and pleasure. By listening to this frequency in particular, one can facilitate change and removing blocks. Energy rises through our system akin to warm air in a cool room. By clearing lower chakras, we allow energy to flow unencumbered to the rest of our chakras.

  • 528 Hz works on the Solar Plexus Chakra; our chakra for manifesting, will power, personal power and protection. This particular frequency is known as the Miracle Love frequency and is associated with DNA and cellular repair. There was an experiment done in the Gulf of Mexico using the 528 Hz frequency on oil polluted sea water following the BP oil spill. Researchers found the 528 Hz vibration reduced the oil and grease in the treated ocean water and restored the water’s vitality thereby attracting wildlife and stimulating the local ecosystem. Another sidenote and interesting factoid is that many famous musicians including Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix have recorded their music tuned to 528 Hz!

  • 639 Hz is the optimal frequency for tuning up the heart chakra. The heart chakra represents love, compassion and acceptance when balanced. Unbalanced it can be the seat for despair, bitterness, fear, hate and envy. By listening to the 639 Hz frequency, we can clear blockages relating to our ability to connect and relate to ourselves, the world and others.

  • 741 Hz helps to balance the throat chakra which governs self expression, creativity and physical ailments associated with the throat region.

  • 852 Hz is associated with awakening intuition because it resonates with our 3rd eye chakra also known as the brow chakra.

  • 960 Hz harmonizes with the Crown Chakra and when balanced opens us up to self realization, higher wisdom and our life purpose.

In my Coaching Sessions I often recommend sound healing of some sort to de-stress, boost your immune system, inspire creativity and more. To find out more about a Coaching Session with me, please don't hesitate to reach out or check out my Coaching page. And last but not least, you can find heaps of Solfeggio Frequencies to listen to on YouTube. I suggest enabling Ad Blocker for a more fluid experience. Enjoy!



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