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How To Feel Better Using Your Emotional Guidance System As Outlined By Abraham Hicks.

I’ve been on an Abraham Hicks kick for the past decade and the material has really deepened my understanding of what it means to be in alignment and manifest my dream life.

Channeled by medium Esther Hicks, Abraham is a collective conscious personality that imparts invaluable wisdom on how to feel better and become a deliberate creator in one fell swoop. Today I’m sharing one of their principal processes I teach, as an online life coach, that brings improved circumstances from a ‘feel better’ mindset.


Before we delve in, let’s go over a few of the premises the Abraham method is based on

  1. Everything is made of energy and vibration on the quantum level. This includes thoughts, feelings, matter and material objects.

  2. The Law of Attraction (LoA) is always working just like Gravity. LoA states vibrations of ‘like’ frequencies are attracted to one another.  Because like is attracted to like, energy in any form has a tendency to build momentum.

  3. What we think about and how we feel about that which we think about is what we vibrate.  These vibrations propagate from us and in turn attract other energies of similar vibration because the Law of Attraction is always at work.  In other words, we are always broadcasting vibrations and attracting thoughts, feelings, things, people, places, situations and so on that are of a ‘like’ frequency.

  4. Lastly, our five physical senses are vibrational interpreters that allow us to interpret incoming vibration. To better understand this concept, we can consider how vibrations like sound waves travel through the atmosphere and are interpreted by our ears into another vibration we can understand. Similarly, a radio picks up broadcasted frequencies, translates them into sound waves, which our ears then interpret and translate into audio we can recognize.

Abraham points out we have a 6th vibrational interpreter at our disposal which we can use to to figure out our vibrational stance i.e the kind of vibrations we are sending out and broadcasting at any given moment. They refer to this one as our emotional guidance system.

And alas we have arrived at the process I want to share with you. How to feel better using our emotional guidance system and why we want to use it to determine our vibrational stance.

To kick things off, let’s start with why we want to use our Emotional Guidance System.  

We know that whatever we vibrate via our focus (thoughts and feelings) will bring us more of the same in our reality. So we can either wait till whatever we have been vibrating manifests physically or we can catch the direction of our vibrational momentum by paying attention to the way we feel. 

*Feelings are actually our first tangible manifestation of our vibrational stance.

I know this sounds too simple and obvious, but ask yourself how many times could things have played out differently if you simply paid more attention to the way you felt early on? In the early stages, our emotions are less charged and so what we feel is is easier to overlook or ignore.


Here’s another perspective on why determining our vibrational stance is so important. Have you ever made changes to leave a relationship or a job only to find yourself living out essentially the same story or pattern again and again? This is because the details of your life can change- places and faces, but unless you shift your vibrational stance i.e. the way you feel, you can’t expect the essence of those experiences to change.

This is why we want to use our emotional guidance system to determine how we feel about something from the get-go. If we feel good about it then we know that in that moment our vibe is positive and in relationship to that subject in particular we will attract more good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff,  here’s how to use your Emotional Guidance System to feel better!

When we don’t feel good about something we can:

1. Switch our focus to something that feels better using will power, meditation or breaking the momentum entirely by going to sleep.  Remember, the earlier you catch something feeling off- the better!

2. Shift our perspective and thereby our emotions in relation to the subject we don’t feel good about. This is essentially tackling our feelings head on. Shifting to a better feeling vibration can be tricky depending on how much momentum we have going. Do we feel really passionate about this or is it just mildly irritating? Also, when shifting vibrational gears, it’s more challenging to jump a vibrational gap from despair to joy than from despair to relief. Law of attraction simply will not allow it because there is too much vibrational disparity between extreme emotions. It is however very possible to gently shift your focus to something that feels a little better. From ‘a little better’ you can raise your vibration to the point where you can then revisit the ‘troublesome subject’ with more detachment.

The vibrational scale of emotions from Dr. Hawkin’s book Power vs Force


A couple more helpful tips on how to feel better:

3. Don’t take life for granted. Majority of our lives are working quite well. Perhaps your car needs one or two repairs, but can you appreciate how much your mode of transportation is working with very little effort on your behalf?  Of all the parts and connections involved, the majority of it is functioning! The same can be said for our health, our finances and our relationships. In other words, focus on appreciating how much is working for you and know that every problem has a solution.  Make a big deal out of the good stuff and minimize problems with a solution oriented attitude.

4. When you want to feel better you can remember something from the past, observe something from your present or imagine something in your mind that you would like to happen in the future. Your mind and the law of attraction do not take into account how you get to a place of feeling better. In other words, it makes no difference how you raise your vibration. You could distract yourself by watching a comedy that makes you laugh and if that makes you feel better, than your vibration is higher, your point of attraction has changed and you are again bringing more positive energy into your life.

Our emotions indicate which direction we are heading in vibrationally and what kind of tangible manifestations we can expect to see if we stay on our present course.

Of course you can just look at what you have created in your life and work from there, but once the vibrational momentum has been built up to the extent that it has manifested physically, it’s a lot more effort to change direction. (But fear not, it can be done by gently stepping up the vibrational ladder.)

In my Coaching Sessions, I encourage clients to get in tune with their feelings and emotional guidance system to create an even better life for themselves.

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