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How to Fight Depression with Feng Shui!

Most of us have an inkling for the slippery slope that can lead to the state of mind known as depression.  It is now estimated that 350,000,000 people suffer from depression worldwide.  For some of us, it happens quickly where something earth shattering happens and we simply fall into a pit of emotional quicksand that we just can’t seem to climb out of.  For others, it creeps in- a little negativity here, a little sensitivity there and before you know it you are in an emotional quagmire where feelings like lethargy, anger, anxiety, frustration and sadness reign.


Towards the end of 2015, I was experiencing some major burn-out symptoms.  It crept up on me so I didn’t really see it coming ’till I was in it.  But once I was fully nestled in the depressing little valley of my mind (which I now sentimentally refer to as ‘the Fall funk of 2015’,) I couldn’t deny the signs.  After all, I felt unlike myself, I was anti-social, unmotivated, uninspired, lethargic and cynical more often then not.

Of course depression symptoms and depth vary amongst everyone, but the common denominator is that it’s simply a challenge to truly feel happy, inspired and energetic.

So naturally being the spiritual warrior I am, I began busting out my spiritual weapons. I turned to my internal work with vengeance doing daily affirmations, meditations, energy healings and cleansing.  While each of these methods saved me from sinking further, I couldn’t seem to snap back.

Then I decided to address this funk from another angle and work ‘outside-in.’ Often times it is most effective to work externally, in addition to addressing an issue internally. After all, if something has manifested into the physical world, then at this point band-aids are often as helpful as immune boosters.

Attacking my depression from the ‘outside-in’ was more of a challenge for me because it actually required physical labour and motivation. Things like changing my diet, taking baths, getting exercise were definitely going to help me if I could just muster the energy and enthusiasm to do them!

Fortunately for me, the universe heard my call for help when my brother came to visit over the November Thanksgiving holidays. In a sole afternoon, my godsend of a brother helped me re-arrange my bedroom.


I had moved into a new room in my house a few months before and inherited a lot of the heavy furniture and junk that came with it. I had been so busy that over the course of several months things had just piled up.

My very intuitive and lovely brother noticed this. He mentioned how the vibes were descent (he had had a good meditation in there earlier), but that it felt stagnant and un-creative. He wasn’t surprised that I hadn’t been motivated to paint or play music in months.

So together in just a few hours employing the ancient Chinese system Feng Shui we gave my bedroom an energetic and physical makeover that truly was the key factor in lifting me out of my funk. When we were done, the difference was that of night and day and over the course of the next week I truly did completely bounce back!

Trust me- this is not just about aesthetics, this system totally works and can do wonders for your energy and state of mind. Especially when you apply this technique to your bedroom where you sleep and process your feelings subconsciously for several hours a day!

Technically Feng Shui is defined as a a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy i.e. (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.

How to fight depression in 9 steps using Feng Shui.

*Keywords: Simplify, elevate, beautify, clean, express yourself!

1.  Get rid of the ugly and depressing even if it’s functional. This includes stained and/or mismatching furniture, items, bedding and clothing. We are on a mission to save your happiness and letting go is crucial. I donated my desk and a bunch of fugtional (i.e. ugly-functional) stuff including a filing cabinet from 1979 and old gnarly towels. I jumped on Craigslist and hit up Ikea and for less then $100 bucks upgraded my furniture, bedding and bath. Sometimes it’s as easy as getting a new duvet cover or a new set of sheets and towels.

2.  Get rid of the old and unused. If you are a pack rat or love memorabilia, I know how hard this can be, but trust me- if you haven’t used it in the past couple of years you are not likely to for another two! It’s not worth holding onto something energetically on the off chance you might need it in the next decade when you’re suffering from depression!

3.  De-clutter. Yes my paintings are awesome. Yes I love that little toy car and clay slug I bought at the craft fair in 2004. Yes quirky collectibles are fun, but not all of it has to be on my walls and lining every one of my surfaces at the same time! Learn the art of rotation! Get rid of excess nick nacks, collectibles and things that carry emotional energy. If you are super attached, put them in a storage and rotate them in down the road.  

4.  Add some character within reason. This is for those who don’t struggle with clutter, but suffer from a modern form of asceticism! You don’t have to live in a box with white walls and dingy furniture. Add some personality, a bit of flair. Paint a wall with a soothing color. Add a piece of art and some plants. This being said, use your discernement. You may like skulls and taxidermy, but if you are suffering from depression, morose colors and objects ranging from dark walls to dead flower arrangements to skulls and creepy art are best kept out of your bedroom and personal space.

5.  Deep clean your space– I mean full on! Dust, clean the windows and blinds, vacuum & swiffer! Get your space hygenic and if you can manage to burn some sage or spray essential oils- then do it! Sage and essential oils are proven anti bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-virals! They raise the vibration of a space and do wonders for the mind when sleeping.

6.  Re-arrange your furniture in accordance with Feng Shui laws as much as possible. This will maximize the positive qi in your space.

Below is a list of places that you should *avoid setting up your bed.

A. in front of or under a window B. directly across from the door where your feet would point towards the door C. by a wall shared by the bathroom D. on the floor

Similarly, keep the electronics in the bedroom to a minimum. If possible, have your desks, computers and TV’s in another space.

7.  Choose a color scheme that feels good for you. My room was a train wreck of colors and styles. A lot of people say go lighter, but I like dark woods and funky African patterns- so I didn’t go lighter. I did however go au naturel, bringing in plants and highlighting colors such as those of a dark tropical forest. It worked for me, but if you don’t have a preference- then do go lighter because more often then not humans associate lighter colors with uplifting feelings.

8.  Lift things off the ground. Unless you have a roll up Japanese futon, try to elevate your bed, your workspace, your wall hangings and so on. The key word here is *elevate:)

9.  Apply this to other spaces in your home, particularly your storage spaces or the spaces where you spend the most time. I was so inspired by the changes I experienced with my bedroom, I went on to sell over $500 dollars worth of stuff that had been collecting dust in my garage and closet.

I can’t say enough about maximizing the positive energy of your personal space using Feng Shui. I hope you experiment with the suggestions here because no matter where you are at I am sure they will only increase the positive flow in your life.

Thanks for reading!



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