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The Meaning of "OM" and Using Affirmations to Experience Your True Divine Self!

One of the most beautiful translations I have ever come across of the sacred sound OM is as the declaration:  “I AM". To chant "OM" with this awareness is to affirm the self as the witness, the originator, the point from which your world and your perspective of it springs forth.

Amongst the meditators I grew up with, the greeting “Om Shanti" was used. Shanti means peace.  So this greeting is saying “I am peace!”  The power of the sound vibration “OM” is amplified when it is coupled with the conscious awareness of “I Am".


I highly recommend the St. Germaine “I AM” Discourses for getting the most out of this meditation technique. The concept presented in this book is simple and powerful.  By using the words “I AM” you automatically bring into your reality the experience of whatever you are identifying with.  And this is essentially the technique I am sharing today for identifying with your divine self and ultimate potential.

Heads up! This meditation requires you to suspend your disbelief.  Have you heard the expression “Fake it, till you make it?" Even if we don’t truly feel we can be this peaceful, loving or joyful in reality, we are going to imagine stepping inside the shoes of ourselves as though we were that person. 

We are going to start by saying “I am ” and then add on any quality we want to experience and embody.   You could start by saying “I am compassion and love”,  “I am health” or  “I am wisdom.” Take one “I am” statement and elaborate on it.  Imagine feeling what that is like. Imagine what you would look like being the embodiment of it.  If you can’t imagine yourself being that, imagine someone you have seen who seems to be that and then step into that experience and own it!

As explained in the “I AM Discourses”, when I say ‘I am love’, or ‘I am health’, or ‘I am clarity’ for example, on a quantum level I am setting and sending energy in motion throughout my energy field, my body and into my reality.


Every thought and feeling we create and have is akin to throwing a pebble into the pond of our reality.  Each thought and feeling creates ripples in our energy field and bodies which effect our outer world.  The force and intensity of each thought will also determine how far our energetic ripple will propagate.

If I’m in a mental funk of some sort and I simply can’t step into the ‘shoes’ of a version of me I am trying to affirm and feel with sincerity, I won't force it. I'll take a break and distract myself with something light hearted, fun, engaging- then I'll come back to affirming when I'm closer to it in vibration.

The more you affirm and feel something, the more you imprint it in your subconscious and the easier it is to tap into the next time around. This is how affirmations and confidence work! They are positive patterns of thought which then become beliefs... so real that they are like memories of yesterday.

The benefits of OM/I AM affirmations are endless and like the butterfly effect not only do we get to enjoy the ride with the wings of our mind, we automatically influence our physical bodies, atmosphere and environment.  We are the creators of our worlds. It’s up to us to set the ‘vibe’ of our surroundings and life.

In one-on-one meditation sessions, we cover this form of affirmation based meditation along with several other approaches. It's a pure positive thought type of meditation technique and is an amazing method to step into powerful states!

Thanks for visiting!

Blessings, ~Meniyka


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